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来日1週間 One week to Japan 赴日一周
住民登録 Resident registration 居民注册

■在留カードの登録/Issuance of a Residence Card/在留卡注册



Foreigners who will stay in Japan for a period of more than three months will be issued a Residence Card when passing through immigration. You will also be required to register your place of residence at the local government office of the municipality in which you reside within 14 days of settlement in your residence. You will need to bring your Residence Card with you when registering your place of residence.



*You must always carry your Residence Card with you. In addition, you must report any changes to the matters listed on the Residence Card as well as changes to the educational institution to which you belong (i.e. if you have changed schools or dropped out) to the regional immigration office, etc.


健康保険 Health insurance 健康保险


Foreigners who will stay in Japan for a period of more than three months must enroll in National Health Insurance. It is important that you enroll, otherwise you may be faced with expensive medical fees if you go to a hospital or clinic to treat illness or injury. You will be given a health insurance card once you subscribe.



*In principle, enrollment in National Health Insurance is completed after arriving in Japan. If you delay enrollment, you may be charged back payments.


■国民保険補助制度/National Health Insurance subsidy system/国民保险补助制度

京都市では,留学生のための国民保険補助制度があります。 日本政府からの奨学金,又はそれと同額程度の奨学金の支給を受けていない私費留学生であることを条件に1ヶ月700円を補助しています。

In Kyoto city, there is a national insurance subsidy system for international students.Privately-financed international students who do not receive any scholarship from the Government of Japan nor other scholarships of the equivalent amount are granted 700 yen per month under the 


”Kyoto City Foreigner National Health Insurance Premium Subsidy Project”.


口座開設 Account opening 开设账户


Open a bank account at an ordinary bank or a Japan Post Bank near your school or home. You will need to bring your Residence Card with you to open an account.


■口座開設に必要なもの/Items required to open a bank account/开设账户所需材料

  • 在留カード/Residence Card/在留卡
  • 健康保険証/Health insurance card/健康保险证
  • 学生証(学生のみ)/Student ID card (students only)/学生证(限学生)
  • 印鑑(銀行によっては,サインでも可)
    Your seal (although some banks will allow you open an account with a signature)
  • 預ける現金(1円以上)
    Money to deposit (you must open the account with at least 1 yen)
携帯電話 Mobile phone 手机


You can purchase a mobile phone and subscribe to a mobile phone carrier at the outlet stores and distributors of each mobile phone carrier or at consumer electronics retailers such as Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera. There are a variety of plans, Sim card, with each mobile phone carrier having its own billing system and campaigns, etc., so choose the mobile phone that best suits your needs.

可以在各手机公司的直营店、销售店、家电量贩店(必酷(BIC CAMERA)、淀桥相机(YODOBASHI CAMERA)等)购买和签约。各运营商的话费系统、优惠活动等都有各类套餐,可以按照自己的需要选择手机。


※Japanese credit card could be required depends on mobile phone carriers.


ごみの出し方 How to put out garbage 扔垃圾的方法

各市町村の家庭ごみ収集用指定袋に入れて,片手で持てる程度の重さにして口をしっかり結びます。指定袋以外でごみを出した場合,収集してもらえないので注意しましょう。 指定袋は,小売店,スーパーマーケット,コンビニエンスストアなどで売っています。

Fill the designated household garbage collection bags to a weight that can be carried in one hand, and tie the bags firmly. Be aware that if you put out your garbage in bags other than the designated bags they may not be collected. Designated bags are available at places such as retail stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

将垃圾装入各市町村的家庭垃圾收集指定袋内,垃圾袋应为单手能提起的重量,然后仔细封口。请注意:如果没有用指定的袋子处置,垃圾将不会被收走。 指定袋在零售店、超市、便利店等都有出售。

Important points regarding putting out the garbage

ごみは,主に燃やすごみ,缶・びん・ペットボトル,プラスチック製の「容器」と「包装」,小型金属の4種類があります。それぞれ違う日に分けて出さなければなりません。 住んでいるところによって,ごみを出す日(収集日)やごみを出す場所が決まっています。 近所の人に聞いてみましょう。具・ふとんなどは「大型ごみ」として出さなければならなく有料です。

Garbage is classified into four types: Burnable garbage; cans, bottles and PET bottles; plastic “containers” and “packaging”; and small metallic.They each need to be separated and put out on different days.Depending on where you live, the days to put out the garbage (collection days) and where to put it out are predetermined. Ask your neighbors about it.Furniture and bedding must be disposed of as “oversized garbage”, which incurs a fee.

垃圾主要分为可燃垃圾、金属罐・玻璃瓶・塑料瓶、塑料制“容器”与“包装”,以及小型金属类这四种。不能在同一天扔。 各居住地区有不同的扔垃圾日(收集日)和垃圾场。 请询问附近的人。家具、被褥等必须按照收费“大型垃圾”扔。

交通について Transportation 关于交通
How to Ride Your Bicycle Safely

You can find information about transportation on websites as below.

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アルバイトについて Working Part-time 关于打工
Getting Permission for Working Part-time